Our Story

In November of 2021, as the holiday season approached, Richlyn Yond returned to her home country (Liberia) to visit her family. Her trip would prove to be more transformative than she could have ever imagined. It all started with one child, Mohammed, a chance encounter that would plant the seeds of a life-changing nonprofit organization. During this visit, she ventured to a small store in her neighbor’s yard to make a purchase. The little boy (Mohammed) who assisted her in this transaction was exceptionally kind and respectful, leaving a lasting impression.
On a particular morning when Richlyn was about to run some errands, she spotted Mohammed returning from the market. This sight surprised her, as it was a school day, prompting her to inquire why he wasn’t in school. Mohammed revealed that he was in the 3rd grade, but was not currently attending school due to his mother’s passing, and he lived with his sister, who was struggling to send him to school.
Touched by Mohammed’s situation, Richlyn decided to take action. She reached out to Mohammed’s sister, seeking permission to enroll him in a nearby school. Mohammed’s sister expressed gratitude and granted consent for his enrollment. With the help of her sister, who had connections with the community school, they successfully enrolled Mohammed, paid his tuition, and ensured he had all the necessary school supplies, including uniforms, shoes, notebooks, and a backpack, all of which cost less than $300 USD.
Seeing Mohammed excited at the thought of going back to school illuminated the profound impact that even a modest amount of money could have on a young person’s life. Realizing the potential for broader positive influence, the idea of creating “Light of Liberia” was born, with a mission to provide educational opportunities to impoverished children in Liberia.
Light of Liberia was officially established in August 2023, and in the few months since its official launch, the organization has been able to transform the lives of 11 additional students, enabling them to attend school in their respective communities. Light of Liberia not only pays their tuition but also ensures they have all the necessary resources to pursue their education without hindrance.
As Light of Liberia continues to grow, its ultimate goal is to provide students sponsored by the organization with opportunities for post-secondary education and establish a network that grants them access to jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities.